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Today's PB is here.

There's one DMM Revision today, "Expansion of Optional Use of Flat Trays for Periodicals Flats." Starting 28 July, when the PostalOne! system updates will take effect, the USPS is going to allow PER nonmachinable flats and PER flats sorted to carrier routes to be prepared in flat trays (tubs) instead of sacks as an option. We will be assessing whether this option can be fit into our release, given that development needs to be complete less than a month from today! Of course that's so we can get you the release some time ahead of the actual change system change implementation on 28 July.

There's also an item about adding a new 3-digit ZIP code for area 876, starting July 1. That should be reflected in the new directories coming out for July.

With much to do here right now, I'll let you look for any more detail you want in the PB itself. One of these next issues should be including what we are told will be a LARGE number of facility updates in the Label List changes, to the tune of 85 pages (or more) in the Postal Bulletin article (!!). We'll watch and see, I guess. Till next time...