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Today’s Postal Bulletin is here. With spring in the air (in spite of the 13” of snow received overnight last night in nearby Owatonna), the cover story for this issue is the upcoming “National Dog Bite Prevention Week.”

Fortunately there does not appear to be much “bite” in this issue as far as Presort is concerned – there is just one DMM revision, and that is just clarifying the eligibility requirements for promotional discount for picture permit imprint mail pieces when they end up as residual pieces. If they’re part of a full-service automation mailing, they’re eligible (and, one would have to assume by elimination, they’re NOT eligible in other cases).

Otherwise there is just the “normal” section of minor PO changes, which this time is exclusively devoted to a dozen discontinued ZIPs and post offices. In addition, for you musical philatelists there’s also mention of the coming release of a Johnny Cash Forever Stamp on June 5 in Nashville.

Check back in two weeks for a (mostly) Presort-based summary of the next issue.