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Ever wonder what a "dynamic business process" really is?  What business processes change so frequently that they can't fit into standard SAP-managed applications? 

Consider the case of global consumer product companies that launch hundreds of different products and variations each year. "Product Launch & Re-Launch" is a strategic capability for these companies for fostering innovation and introducing new products to market quickly. 

Arunkumar KS Arunkumar KS of Unilever India and Liladhar Bagad of Intelligroup co-presented a webinar on this topic.  The webinar is no longer hosted, but i do have a copy of it.  If you are interested, please contact me at

In this 9 minute podcast, I interivew Arun and Lila about Hindustan Unilever's experience with BPM initiatives, and to find out a little more about this "mega-process", product launch & re-launch. 

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0:00  Arun, please tell us more about the "product launch & relaunch" process use case.

1:17  Lila, what's so special about some business processes that they need an approach such as BPM?

2:13  Arun, what has been Hindustan Unilever's experience with business process management to date?

4:01  Lila, If a company is interested in building a competency with business process management, how do you suggest they start?  And, what are some of the gotchas that companies need to avoid in the early stages of a BPM program?

6:01, Arun, what kind of business processes does your company typically consider for business process management projects?