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Recently i came to know that SAP Time Management solutions has a provision to track distance. Though small, this is a very important feature for a user with a consulting profile. He travels a lot and wants to charge the customer on the basis of his travel.

Today, (as per my limited knowledge), a standard SAP user can fill in the distance details of his travels; but he has to keep a track of the distance as he travels. This triggered a thought in my mind. And after a brief discuss with Priti Dhingra(Duet Solution Manager at SAP Labs India, Bangalore) I came up with the the following high level outline.

Every decent mobile phone, these days, has an inbuilt GPS. If not, it utilizes the augumented GPS of the mobile network. How about attaching this GPS capability of the mobile with a SAP application which tracks the distance traveled by the user for the whole working day? The same application can also be used to track the time spent on his work.

It can be a play, pause and stop kind of a time recording application which is always available at an arms distance from you. The user needs to play to start recording time. He may pause if he is doing his personal work and stop if he is done for the day.


  • Consulting profiles(traveling)
  • Time tracking for telecon services
  • Services which are shift intensive and account for minutes if not seconds.


User Level:

  1. This will help the user to concentrate more on his work and not worry about tracking.
  2. Uplanned adhoc working hours can be tracked with minimum effort.

Organizational level:

  1. Better policy implementation as the user doesnt enter any value. it is the sytem which tracks by itself.
  2. Unplanned adhoc working hours are also accountable.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and in no way a portray of my employer's view.