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Last year I published the The easy PI message mapping documentation service. This tool can create documentation of PI mappings in Excel form. Since the release in December there have been some miner improvements to support PI 7.1 better.

I wrote about how to Thoughts on versioning of PI components, so share some of my ideas.  One of the comments where was how to find the difference between two mappings. Sebastian Simon described they used downloaded two mappings from the “display text” function and compared this using Ultraedit.

I’m not very glad for using diff tools, it can for some people be difficult to see what is the new and the old text. It requires some knowledge to get started and to understand some of the output of a line diff tool, and it should also be triggered with the right commands.

I therefore thought about making a diff tool using the technology behind the mapping documentation. In the mapping documentation, I had a way to represent source elements, context changes and configuration in functions.

I have finally been able to create a tool, which makes the comparison between two mappings a lot easier. Simply upload two XIM files and you get an Excel spreadsheet with the two mappings and a marker if the mapping has changed.

The document could look something like this.

Notice that this is the first draft of the tool and there is room for improvement.