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Complimentary Virtual Event for the SAP Ecosystem - Customers, Partners and SAP Employees  

5 Episodes over 5 Days from June 1 to 5th

Hosted by Paul Kurchina

"Personal Reinvention – Upgrading Your Personal Operating System” is an open virtual series that airs the week of June 1st for individuals in the SAP Ecosystem from around the world – Customers, Partners, and SAP employees. The SAP Ecosystem, especially ASUG, has been very good to me over the years. Curating this content is my way of giving back to the SAP Ecosystem in these challenging times.

This will be one of the top societal moments in your life that radically impacts your thinking. Before COVID-19, eighty-eight percent of the original Fortune 500 companies had failed, yet we thought these were untouchable companies. Many assumed that in the next ten years, over fifty percent of S&P companies would face a similar demise. Yet, within the last few weeks, almost every system or company you interact with has been disrupted. Are you transforming yourself with the same intensity?

The industrial era is not coming back. The way you live, work, and relate to one another is being drastically altered. The future is now!  Modern-day humans routinely upgrade their phones, laptops, and tablets. But why is it that when it comes to upgrading the way our brains work and how we think and learn, many of us fail to do anything about it? Personal reinvention and the ability to adapt to constant change are of utmost priority – not a luxury. As you move from the crisis of COVID-19 to what will follow, you must upgrade your internal operating system!

Today’s reality necessitates that organizations, their employees, and their leaders constantly reinvent and upgrade themselves. It requires that you be:

– future-focused and able to anticipate what tasks, skills, and abilities will be needed going forward,

– ready to deal with challenges with intention,

– emotionally and socially intelligent,

– able to reset who you are, what you believe and how you contribute value in the future;

able to emerge from the crisis prepared, renewed, and ready to maintain momentum with new practices for life-long learning

This complimentary five-episode virtual series, featuring a great lineup of speakers, will address:

June 1: Making Sense of Our New Normal and Reinventing You

Speakers: Paul KurchinaKaihan KrippendorffWanda Wallace

June 2: Resilience and Getting Fit for Challenge  

Speakers: Linda Hoopes, Adam Fridman,  Joe Burton

June 3: Readiness – Enhancing Your Emotional and Social Intelligence Power Skills

Speakers: Dr Jenny Brockis, Erin Kurchina

June 4: Resetting – Self Awareness and Planning for the Upgrade of You  

Speaker: Erin Kurchina, Paul Kurchina

June 5: Maintaining Your Momentum and Practices for Life-Long Learning

Speakers: Stephen Walsh, Jay Palter, Harold Jarche

This series will allow you to reflect, rethink, and reimagine your future. We will investigate foresight thinking, the mindsets and skills needed for success and offer practical resources and tools for advancing resilience, insight, emotional and social intelligence, and reinvention. This series provides an opportunity to build and sustain connections with colleagues and communities with shared passions.

Our new realities demand that we continuously invest in and upgrade ourselves. Participate in Personal Reinvention – Upgrading Your Internal Operating System to thrive personally and professionally.

Attendees will take away valuable information and ideas to help them become more resilient and prepared during these challenging times.

If you can’t attend this complimentary virtual event live, you can still register to get access to the recordings and the presentations.

Think of this as your “Netflix-Like Mini Series for Personal Reinvention” to help you “Upgrade Your Internal Operating System”.

Join us live from June 1 - 5th from 11:00 am ET to 12:30 pm ET daily.

Day 1

Introductions and Context Setting for the Series

Speaker: Paul Kurchina

Reimagine the Future - Reinvent You!

Speaker:  Kaihan Krippendorff

Out of the Comfort Zone

Speaker: Wanda Wallace


Day 2

Mosquitoes, Puppies, and Grizzly Bears: Building Your Challenge-Readiness

Some challenges are fun and energizing, while others create anxiety and pain. As we move through and beyond the coronavirus pandemic, we will encounter challenges of all sizes and shapes. In this session you will learn how to analyze challenges and choose the best "resilience muscles" to apply. We'll talk about the three types of positive outcomes (hint: resilience is about more than just bouncing back) and the role of micro-challenges in building our strength for the future.

Speaker: Linda Hoopes

Personal Growth: It's About the Little Things

Speaker: Adam Fridman

Speaker: Joe Burton


Day 3

Emotional Intelligence – The Power Skill of the 21st Century

We all seek to be heard and understood. It's what motivates us to stay in a job, buy a product or service. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is the cornerstone of employee and customer engagement, and critical for competitive advantage. The World Economic Forum has determined that Emotional Intelligence is in the Top 10 required job skills in 2020 and beyond.  It's a "power" skill that you can learn, and one 72% of CEOs believe needs priority. Make it yours!

This session will review the four components of emotional intelligence critical for superior employee and customer relations – self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. It will highlight lifestyle habits that can sabotage emotional intelligence and offer practical advice for continually growing and improving this essential "power" skill.

Speaker: Erin Kurchina


Social Intelligence - Getting Ready for The Road Ahead

Whether you’re the captain or a member of the crew, preparing for what’s around the corner enables you to be ready to successfully initiate Plan A, B, C or D.

While your preparations need to include self-care - to ensure you’re at your fittest and mental wellbeing – to keep the demons of anxiety and stress at bay, your single most powerful strategy is in knowing how to get on well with others.

Because in times of adversity, when it feels tough being a human, the one thing guaranteed to help see you through, will be the strength of your relationships.

That’s why social intelligence matters; it provides the how to build the cooperation and collaboration required to drive the momentum needed, so we can all progress safely into the post Covid-19 world.

In this session Dr Jenny will share:

- What social intelligence is and why it matters

- The key social drivers that keep relationships strong

- Five tips to enhance connection

Speaker: Dr Jenny Brockis


Day 4

Personal Reinvention – Self Awareness and Planning for the Upgrade of You!

Personal reinvention is an imperative, not a luxury.  You can take control of your life, and apply Design Thinking to reframe, upgrade, or reinvent yourself!

This session will explore why some of our deep-rooted beliefs about life can limit our success.  Discover ways to enhance your self-awareness and insight so that you can gain clarity into who you are, what you believe, and what you do. Learn the mindsets, habits, behaviors, and skills needed for personal innovation. Be guided through the robust and time-tested Design Thinking methodology. Embrace personal reinvention and unlock the secrets to upgrading You.

Speaker: Erin Kurchina and Paul Kurchina


Day 5

Owning your Future of Work: Why Continuous Learning is the habit you need to build now

The future of work has arrived. As work reinvents itself, you can’t afford to stand still. Mastering new skills is imperative to the success of your future career. If you’re not learning, you’re not earning.

So now is the time to develop your own future of work. This means a reboot to our own personal and collective approaches to learning and development.  You can’t wait for your employer to do it for you If this time gives us anything positive, it’s the opportunity to build new habits and own our own futures.

Can you create a new continuous learning habit to invest in yourself?

In this session we’ll explore

- 5 reasons you need to take control of your own continuous learning and skill development

- Simple, sustainable tips for developing your continuous learning and curation habits

- How to leverage tools and technology to make it easier to build this habit, so your lockdown becomes a learning opportunity

Speaker: Stephen Walsh

(Re-) Building your most important business asset: Your social network

At a time when in-person meetings and conferences are restricted, active social networking is more important than ever. After all, the social capital that comes from building relationships is one of the three main catalysts, along with financial and human capital, for achieving business success and ROI.

In this session we will explore a strategic approach to social networking on LinkedIn and the benefits that come from building a nurturing a robust network of personal and business relationships online.

Speaker: Jay Palter

Personal Knowledge Mastery - Seeking, Sensing and Sharing 

We all need to learn to work much smarter as individuals. There are three practices that have never been more important: seeking knowledge, sensemaking, and sharing our knowledge or put simply — seek > sense > share.

In this session you will learn how the personal knowledge mastery framework connects individuals, work teams, communities, and networks to improve sensemaking and knowledge-sharing not just for you personally but inside and outside your company as well.

Speaker: Harold Jarche