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Hello guys,

this is gonna be short since everything about how to solve the SSL issue and how to import it to NWA has been already described many times here(e.g. by tony.massoglia in his post Adding Certificates to PI). By the way, thanks a lot Tony!

So the issue is:

I needed to use HTTPS:// connection(HTTP with SSL) to connect to third party WebService using SOAP communication channel.

I followed the procedure of Tony just 2 hours ago and then my headache started. The channel refused to connect. So I tried to import the certificate to another view, re-imported it to the actually only right view(TrustedCAs), over and over, network checks etc. Still I was getting only the old know "Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier" exception from SOAP channel.

By luck I didn't gave up I checked again the certificate I downloaded from service using web browser to find something interesting:

As you can see, my Antivirus on my laptop has re-signed the certificate I downloaded. So here is my hint and why I post it here - If you get similar issue, first triple-check the certificate you are using.

When I saw it the solution was easy. I disabled for 1 minute my antivirus just to download the certificate. The result was proper certificate which works with the Webservice HTTPS:// endpoint.

I hope this helps somebody one day. And my headache is now also gone