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This episode of 'On the way to...' is brought to you by the US Airways Lounge (PHL B/C Terminal).  I'm not enough of a frequent flier to rate this place, but I had a day pass and my ride put me at the airport early enough to actually use it!

Like most folks, I'm looking to see what course Bill McDermott is going to plot SAP towards under his sole leadership.  We've read countless articles and analyst notes about the change in management at SAP (IMO, Jon Reed's Cloud piece at Diginomica was one of the better ones).  This conference will give Bill the opportunity to really make his vision clear.  Let's see where we're heading.

Since I've already put out my list of interesting sessions, I wanted to point out a few that made it on my schedule, too.  Remember- there's just so much interesting content that some are bound to conflict!!

Tue 6/1- 0403: Successfully Migrate from SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.x to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x]

  • A session about upgrade planning?  My inner server nerd says yes, this looks pretty good!!

Wed 6/4- 1108: SAP Lumira Influence Council

  • Any session that has Christina Obry in it has my vote!!  It seems that tools like Lumira are where we're heading in the BI world, this session looks to drop some good information on attendees and get your opinion on the new features they may be adding.

Wed 6/4- 12:30-1:30 BI IRL Hangout at ASUG Hub

  • Grab your lunch and head over the ASUG Hub- I'll be hanging out if you'd like to chat about anything ASUG and the BI Community.  If you're 'on the job', I'm also open to swapping firehouse stories too!!
If you're lucky enough to be in Orlando, awesome!!  If not, check out for some live streaming during the conference.