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Join me at lunchtime (noon) on Wednesday, October 15, 2008 at the SAP TechEd Community Lounge in Berlin for an informal chat.  My reservation has been in for several weeks for the topic "Unicode Conversion Tips and Tricks" but don't worry if that's not your cup of tea -- stop by and see me, or others in the community (I know people), or to chat about another topic like scheduling, tuning, capacity planning, Linux, whatever!

It's likely I will take more than the 30 minutes of my session in preparing and writing this blog, but that's typical for the lead time for planning events.  Let me give you a few pointers of Unicode topics.

Back in February 2008, we completed our last production Unicode conversion, and I said I wasn't going to blog about the topic again.  So, yeah, rules are made to to be broken. That series of 10 (octal) blogs started in 2007, with my first SDN blog and an SAP TechEd 07 presentation. I also posted a podcast with follow up questions after a webcast.

Out on the SDN wiki, there are a bunch of Unicode resources, like:

And of course, many SAP notes, such as Efficient Table Splitting with Oracle Databases.

Not to mention Hideki Yamamoto's 76 slide presentation from SAP TechEd 2005 (link found in my "last" Unicode blog.

I'm more of an ASUG Discussion Forum lurker, but there's a Unicode forum on SDN:

          Expert Forums              »             /community [original link is broken]             »             Internationalization and Unicode

Some of the 7 scheduled TechEd sessions found with the keyword Unicode I'd recommend attending are:

OK, what tips and tricks can we share in 30 minutes?  Trading business cards only takes a few seconds, sharing conversion project state just a few minutes. After that, I'm sure we will connect on other levels.


To see the lounge schedule, visit Craig's site:

What? I'm up against both Craig and Marco?  Ah, I'll manage...

To see my schedule, go to I am making nearly daily tweaks as I remember other people, sessions or things like food and coffee that I skipped.  At the ASUG Operations Optimization conference, I had downloaded a recent copy, as my paper version was just not cutting it any more (get it, paper cut? Never mind).

I downloaded a copy to, did a screen shot, and then shrank it to the 700x500 dimensions required on the SDN blog graphics.  Almost legible.