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Packing it in

In Part 1, I talked about getting invited, planning my route, the SAP TechEd '08 Cluetrain,  and a few tips for first time attenders.  Then SAP TechEd '08 Cluetrain said wiki it, so I must be barking mad and I duked it out, with him doing a wacky video, and me translating into plain text for the technologically and/or security impaired.  Both are in the First Timer wiki page.

Go ahead, add some tips of your own!

I unpacked my SAP Mentor backpack, to try to get a better handle (heh heh) on what to take and what to leave home.

The packing list can be seen online via I modeled the format after the dearly departed Colin Fletcher's backpacker guide books.  I am not done yet, as there a few items not yet weighed (clothes and notebook PC especially), but you should get the gist of it.  I've been know to top out a complete expedition pack over 50 pounds (that's like 20 some kilos).

A few SAP Mentors have mentioned that the top loop on our otherwise awesome daypack will pull loose, so I spent a little time adding an additional carrying handle to my bag.

Photo (1) shows the extra handle I scavenged from a school bag my son wore out.

Photo (2) shows the sewing kit in operation.

Photo(3) shows the final product.  Amateur, but adequate.

Train connections

I need to research the site some more, but I did find a cool tab for "environmental mobility check" that compares trains, planes and automobiles.


Ah, 24 pages of German.  Homework for later (and see

Presentation Preparation

I have been chosen to run a BPX session during Community Day on Monday, October 13th, 2008.  A few views of what I'm going to cover are in my own blog, chapter "Environmental Train of Thought."  Rather than slides, I started a wiki page, Sustainability at SAP TechEd 2008 EMEA. Take a look, add ideas, let me know what else belongs here!