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Way back in 2007, I attended my third SAP TechEd, the previous ones being Philadelphia in 1999(?) and Boston in 2005.  In 2007, I did my first SAP Community Day, earning a T shirt, a session on Unicode, my face on SAP TV, and some wicked networking.

During the speed networking session, I met:

Over a year later, I am still communicating with both of them on a frequent basis, enjoying their SAP network updates, especially Ignacio's very human, very determined, very thoughtful opinions and stances.

So, what set me on the road to Berlin this year?

(A) Marilyn Pratt

(B) Mark Finnern

(C) Craig Cmehil

Though, not necessarily in that order.

Do Europeans not get the value of Networking? on Thursday about the low pre-registration for the SAP Community Day, EMEA-style.  I think just an hour listening to and watching Thomas Jung would be worth the very low price of admission, both in Euros and in time.  I've blogged that Tom has several of the top 10 blogs on SDN.  I don't even care that he's speaking at the same time as me - his room will be full and I will be satisfied with the spillover.

My Community Day session will be about supply chain management, with an environmental engineering perspective.  Let's  engage on sustainability, corporate resonsibility, energy, water and other resource convervation.

Today I called the German rail company, Bahn, to find out about my train tickets.  While the event is only a few weeks away, my travel plans are still in disarray.  The Bahn site took my order, but I got no feedback with a transaction number, or any kind of email confirmation.  I was transferred to the help line (noted on the web for a few weeks anyway with this tweet); from the Fodor travel guide I have tips on how to get an English speaking operator with minimal difficulty.  My rail pass should be "in the post" now and will be sitting next to my passport by the end of next week.

My "last name" or "surname" was requested as "family name" - I need to remember that one.  My first name was echoed as "James, like James Bond?" That really made my day!

Friday morning (Sep. 26) I missed the FridayMorningReport as Craig flipped it back to 9:15 CET, which is very dark on the East Coast, but I see from the chat log that HansAtSAP asked for tips for first time attendees, and "do i have to bring my laptop to the Messe?"

Graham Robbo said: TechEd tips. Don't miss Community Day or Hacker Night. 

EddyDC said: be there at least 16-30 mins before a popular session starts 

Craig said: Plan agenda in advance  

The chat went on to say, yes bring a laptop, and let's do a wiki with first time attendee tips.

Craig's tips from the 05-Sep-2008 show (some not applicable to Berlin):

  • Tip #1 (Las Vegas) Free Drinks 
  • Tip #2 check back with others as much as possible
  • Tip #3 don't eat too much junk  
  • Tip #4 set expectations and be prepared to go early to hands on sessions 
  • Tip #5 Come to Community Day

He verbalized them as well, so check out that show if you can.

I typed in some, subliminally:

  • 1) If you mispronounce Karin Tillotson's name, you owe her a drink. Do it on purpose
  • 2) Jason Schweizer is a new vol in Systems Management, first TechEd. Please welcome him.  
  • 3) Make sure @marilynpratt gets your picture, and vice versa.  
  • 4) blog, blog, blog.  
  • 5) Butch McNally from Ent. Portals is a great guy - catch his presentation if you can, and say "Howdy" for me (he's from TN).  
  • 6) Sue, Gretchen, and Karin have the ASUG BITI, and SAP Mentor buttons I produced, in limited quantities.  If they run out, see me in Berlin? 

  Many might not apply to Berlin, so I'll work up a new list.  But be there for Community Day is the solid tip.

[UPDATE - Wiki page for first timer tips ]


  My agenda is being created via the SAP Agenda builder, but I'll it on line via


I'm probably going to need to re-read some Kerouac soon.