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A NWDI track is created for managing the lifecycle of a software development and its transport to various systems.

Checks to be performed 

Before creating a track perform following checks,

1)JDK version of your system is compatible with your EP version or not.

2) SLD should be updated to latest version or to the version being implemented.

SLD Version:It should match the version of portal (like ep 7, 7.01 etc). CIM Model(1.5.47 or later) and CR content(current -SAP_CR 5.8) should be updated to the latest.

3)CMS is configured correctly and updated to Latest SLD configuration using CMS> Landscape configurator>Domain Data.Make sure FQDN used wherever required(i.e. host names).

Track Creation Steps

These steps are common for all the tracks, the dependencies might vary based on the software components to be developed or modified.

For new development :

1)Create a product ,consequently a software component in SLD. Define the dependencies for your SC.The components SAP-JEE, SAP-JTECHS and SAP-BUILDT are the ones required for all the nwds developments. Make sure you have the .SCA files for all the dcs defined under dependencies. These .SCA files can be downloaded from marketplace.

2)Create a track in CMS> Landscape configurator> Track data. Enter the correct urls of the DTR and CBS, tick on connected to CTS if cts system has been configured (This for handling abap transport) otherwise leave it unchecked. Add the software component created above. Define the runtime systems where you want to tranport  and deploy the developed software component and save.

3)Copy the .SCA files of all the defined dependencies in the inbox folder defined in landscape configurator>domain data(e.g. "/usr/sap/JTrans").

4)Now go to Transport Studio and select the newly created track. The list of components with version details appears in the "check in" tab. This list appears only if the .SCA file is placed in inbox folder. Double check the versions of SCA files.

5)Select the required component and check in. Now go to Development tab, this shows the availability of components to be imported into development system. 

6)Select the components one by one and do the import. The import might take considerable amount of time (some times 3-6 hrs) based on the size of .SCA file. To make the successful import avoid overloading the portal with other activities and new deployments because it will reduce the speed of import and some times the import hangs or fails. If import fails check the CBS input for the track. If it is privileged, change it to open & restart the engine and again reimport. Do it till all the components imported successfully.Now the track is ready for the developments.

For modification of standard component (i.e. ess)   :

To modify a standard component, new product creation is  not required. Directly go to the track creation and repeat the steps 2 to 6 as mentioned above.

Care should be taken while placing the .SCA files for standard software component and defining the same while track creation.  It's version must match.