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Dear 7.3 NWDI fighters,

if you upgraded from 7.0 to 7.3 and cannot save a track, consider SAP Note 1583839 and - if the DTR Console does not start -  the refrenced SAP Note 1377679, although that one does not refer to version 7.3. I tried it  thanks to a comment in a forum post which I did not find again when creating this blog.

We did the import and finally the DTR console could run the commands

connect <DTR host>:<port> <user> <passwd>

pp / XCM:name-server-config=v

All properties patched successfully.

and then in CMS I could save the track.


Why does the DTR Console in 7.3 not start ?

It seems SAP has missed to add the file antlr-runtime-3.0.1.jar in the upgrade deployment of 7.0 to 7.3.

Once you fix this with the older version (7.2) of SAP note 1377679, it works.

Good luck for your own projects.