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Hi Team,

This is my first blog in SAP SCN..I joined this community recently and I am determined to learn and enhance my sap sd skills by utilising this vast knowledge base..The first thing which I noticed while just browsing through this site is about SCN Rules of Engagement,this caught my attention since one of my solution to a issue was rejected by moderator and started feeling on what ground it got rejected .I got no remarks or comments and I wanted to  know more about SCN engagement and how it operates ..This SCN Rules of Engagement document thrown some light on what is expected in a solution..As an beginner in scn I feel that more can be done to draw more interest in navigating this site..Some things comes to my mind is if someone who is beginner tries to give his solution to a question and the moderator feels that his solution is wrong..he can just help him to refer some standard procedures for that issue instead of simply rejecting his solution..This helps him to an extend when he prepares for his next solution..many may feel that this post has no values but I feel this has to shared..