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SCN video submission - Category: Sustainability

My SCN video submission regarding my share in the field of sustainability. What have I done to reduce my footprint and make it easier on Mother Earth ? A few examples.

Three sustainablity attempts and goodwill for 2010

a) Stop Breathing for two minutes in order to decrease my carbon footprint (joking)

b) Enforce kids to use bottle container instead of Tetrapak bricks...

Look at the Belgian garbage and recycling statistics, it just doesn't get any better... So perhaps rather than using individual Juice packs, perhaps share a big bottle into re-usable kids bottle. I have chose the neutral Swiss style for my kids.

I was pleased earlier this year to see similar willingness at SAP Events.

c) Our car pollute already (way) too much.

I tried whenever possible to share open seats. For I survived my first SAP Inside Track (#SITBRU) : Event Wrap up, I was very pleased to share my car with Uwe Fetzer aka @se38 and Lucien Mathieu. Baby steps for reducing the CO² footprint but if everyone would do the same...

So let me wrap it up in a nutshell (with french accent (ô oui)) in this video.

My five cents, not much I (we) can do but it's already a step forward,

Join me in raising the sustainability progresses.

Doing my utmost to adjust our behavior towards Mother Earth,

All the best,


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