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I would like to share my experience on the tremendous knowledgeable event which i attended over the weekend.

Sparing some time over the weekend and travelling for 2 hours on a Saturday morning in a Bangalore traffic is really a challenging thing. But i was more than interested to do it, because there was such immense knowledge which was being shared and i never wanted to miss that.

But what you would tell about the keynote speaker, Mr. mitesh.shah VP at SAP SCP India, who had to stay back on a Friday night for his work and he was ready for the keynote next morning. This shows us, how much dedication a person has towards SAP and especially we the community members. It was a great keynote and i got to know lot of insights on the SAP Cloud Platorm. He was also pretty humble to answer my query regarding the downtime of SAP Cloud Platform Services and really glad to know from him that, SCP cloud foundry services will be deployed on Kubernetes.

Keynote by Mitesh Shah -



Speaking about the event organization it was seamlessly managed by the organizer sudip.ghosh4 and his team members. There was not even a single technical glitch and there was no problem with the security, entering the SAP Labs Building. Event was so innovative, there were quiz after every session which was pretty fun, enjoyed that a lot and i managed to secure 1st place on the Integration Advisor in SAP CPI topic. The prize is a nice sipper, i am currently flaunting it in my office and there were some of my colleagues who attended the event, but couldn't win it are jealous of me and i am happy making them jealous. Just kidding 😉




There was spin-wheel contest, winners of those got the SAP Press Books, who would not love these books. Unfortunately i was not lucky enough to win this. I know these books are very costly and i would have loved to get this for free 😉


When the sessions are pretty technical its hard to concentrate, if you don't have such fun games in between. Coming to the time management, it was managed perfectly and every sessions were provided the time required. Some sessions got extended because there were more queries and this is actually good as this event meant to interact and clarify the queries.


Another most thing i liked was, the small interview sessions which happened with the Attendees and Speakers during the Lunch and Coffee breaks. Organizing team wanted the feedback from all the Attendees, on how is the event going on, what are their expectations, what is the reason they are here, how can they do better etc. This really helps to gather the inputs and can be implemented in the next event if possible.


Me sharing the experience on the SIT Event -


Interaction with different community members over a delicious lunch-


Coming to the most important part, the sessions. All the sessions were really good, i enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot. First one would be my favorite on the topic Integration Advisor in SAP Cloud Platform Integration presented none other than, known as one of the CPI expert and my dearest friend sriprasad.shivarambhat .The session was pretty good and it was explained with the demo. Its good to know SAP is working a lot on the IA front. We extensively use B2B scenarios, but we are on PO, hence would like to have a migration path from SAP PO to CPI.

Session on Integration Advisor in SAP Cloud Platform Integration by sriprasad.shivarambhat  -

Great to interact with him on the sidelines of the event -


Next favorite would be the session by pavan.s2  on the topic SAP Fiori. It was pretty nicely explained and he touched upon every important topic in SAP Fiori. He also spoke a bit about the Cloud Foundry version of web IDE.


Third favorite would be on When Outlook proposes to SAP CPI with a PDF ring by hariharan971994  This topic was presented very interestingly, creating a love story between CPI and the Outlook. It was really great presentation. I missed to win the quiz by a whisker, SAP CPI being my forte, feels bad to miss it by a whisker. This is what I love the most about the community, there are people who challenge and this challenge makes us more stronger.


Last but not the least, talking about my presentation, i had rather chosen a non-SAP topic but a pretty important topic. It was on Building Microservices based architecture using Docker and Kubernetes


You can catch the complete session on Youtube and Open SIT site -

And these are some snaps from my session -




Demo - 


It was great platform to share my knowledge and answer some challenging questions from the crowd. In short, i thank the organizing committee for allowing me to share my knowledge and helping me connect to different community members with whom we have been connecting virtually and this event made us connect with them personally.


Most Important take away from this event is the immense knowledge which everyone of us received.


Thanks a lot once again to sudip.ghosh4 and his team for organizing this event and we would love to see this happening time and again.

Closing note by sudip.ghosh4  -


See you guys, will love to meet more community members in the next SIT event.