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Hello folks !

This blog will touch upon the idea of SAP HANA as All-in-one system for an enterprise. We understand & have seen complex customer's systems, individual system for individual activities, then came along SAP ERP with Business process integration, then SAP BW provided a structured layer in the enterprise for Data warehousing, then we saw SAP BO BI for a better consolidated graphical representation of analytical data. Now we recently took a sling-shot to SAP HANA which I feel in the near future would cater to end-to-end solution offering to any customer installation base :cool: .

So, what have we got? SAP & Non-SAP systems as sources then we connect it over using BODS(both structured & unstructured) & relay it over to HANA; HANA on the same time providing as a primary database to applications/in-memory apps, then using the Relational universe we integrate the other OLAP BI systems or other regional BI/data-warehouse systems in the presentation layer. Conclusion: Integrate OLTPs at HANA level & integrate OLAPs at the BO universe level.

Therefore, the next time when SAP goes out to sell, they got end-to-end offering, starting from the Database to business specific applications, datawarehousing, business analytics with visualization; what more can the customers ask for ? Realtime= HANA, LoB application = SAP Business Suite, ready made solutions = RDS/BI Content, presentation = BOBJ 4.0 portfolio etc.. :smile: the way, any news on the iPad 4 launch date ?

Cheer !