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Blog from Wang Huan, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications

SAPPHIRE NOW has ended. It is a grand event, not only is the technology of the event, more is the spirit of the event. The new technologies inspire us and new innovationssurprise us. Here is a SAP ecosystem that is creating and changing the world, leading the latest trends.

We all know that information and technology are changing people's lives, but also will change our lives forever, our lives have changed more and are totally different than before. Conference in SAPPHIRE NOW, I feel a lot, but also learned a lot from, and I told myself, I must have enough courage to pursue and step forward.


A way of thinking, including 360 Research, Synthesis, Ideation, Prototyping five steps, it allows us to discover the reality-based problems, and continuously identify the real problem and find the best solution. Customer-centered and information feedback help us to solve the problem repeatedly. This is an innovative way of thinking, I like this approach to help us deal with the problem efficiently.




This event was bagged food for African orphan, everyone has their own task, but must cooperate to complete the entire process,
someone is responsible for loading the food, someone is responsible for weighing, someone is responsible for sealing, and someone is responsible for boxing. The whole process, we are all very happy because our small action can help children who need help. Let me know, from the little things to help others, in addition, teamwork is really important.


Each keynote is wonderful and rich. Analytics, Business, Cloud, Database and Technology, Mobile, SAP Service and Support, SAP Rapid-Deployment Solutions, Design Innovation and Social Impact, Design Thinking, User Experience, SAP Runs SAP, HANA and so on. Including so many technology, and described their development and influence. These bring us to abundant life and help companies get value and innovation. SAP has been innovation, and will share with more people.


SAP provides students with many platforms, providing a lot of materials to learn, provides various competitions and activities for student to participate in,and these help us to get the latest knowledge and technology. So we can understand ourselves from these. We get more confidence, also will try our best.


This is the last part of SAPPHIRE NOW event this the wonderful celebration night, we are very thrilled and excited, we can listen to Alan Jackson, Martina McBride and Bonnie Raitt concert in Amway center, is simply the most fun thing. Celebrate night was a great ending for our trip to Orlando, it makes me even more nostalgia, nostalgia excellent people who from SAP, nostalgia beautiful scenery and friendly people of Orlando, nostalgia evething what I have experienced in SAPPHIRE NOW.

Finally, I am grateful for the opportunity provided by SAP, I enjoyed a lot of the outside world exciting, but also honor to experience meeting a few days together with SAP excellent and friendly people. I became more confident, more courage to pursue excellence. If I am lucky enough, I hope that can join in SAP, and work with excellent people and then realize the value and create miracles. I know that there is a long way for we and I will achieve my dream step by step.