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Hello Every one,

This is my first Blog and Sincerely want to thank SCN which has given us a huge space to learn and explore new era in the world of SAP. When i started working in SAP, time passed by,  i thought i know too much of SAP :???: . But when i became member in SCN  gone through the forum post and issue faced by programers it make me realized that i have just started to walk and there is more time needed to Run :shock: .

:smile: My heartiest and special thanks to those who has contributed and shared there experience and Knowledge to make our life easier and given us the opportunity to learn and grow on the Job.

 Love to be the part of this community and always appreciated the moment when i stuck with my work and found people from various geographical locations has helped me to complete my task.

I hope this world can also learn from our  SCN community  .

Thanks and regards,

Rahul SIngh :wink: