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Hello SAP community members ,

I would like to share my experience on the  SAP Inside Track Bengaluru 2022 which has taken place on Oct01 2022 in Bengaluru SAP Labs.

This was my first SAP Inside track event in India as a Volunteer and Organizer.

However i have been to1-2 SAP Inside Track Events in Walldorf Germany .

Initially I was totally nervous when maheshkumar.palavalli initiated this discussion during our #SAPStammtisch event in Bengaluru how ever things have shaped up really well .

Organizers and volunteers has spent many sleep less nights would like to appreciate our Volunteer and Organizer team to have this event happen in every short time .

syambabu.allu lalitmohan7443 pavankumarjagadeesh89 kammaje sriprasadshivaramabhat


Event Started with the registration desk where there were some goodies from our sponsored were handed out to the participants .Thanks to the event sponserors


 sindhu.gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India, started the SAP Inside Track 2022 Event, with her energetic keynote speech .It was great to see her in person and interact with her for the first time 

After setting the stage with with her keynote the planned sessions kick started .

More details on the sessions and the speakers can be found here. Kudos to all the speakers .

I got any opportunity to present and share the knowledge I have gathered on the RAP ( RESTful Programming language

Link to the Presentation : Evolution of ABAP RAP and Why You Should Use It in Your Next Project

My Experiences from my session : 

The session went very smooth more on a interactive way the audience has come up with some real time project scenarios and understand how RAP can be used to over come those and how it helps for the cloud readyness .

I am proud to say the session was full house even tough it was planned just after lunch time with 90% ABAPers .Below are some of the photos from my session .

Thanks for EY colleagues to attend this event and encourage me to take up this sessions

After the sessions there was a 30 minute connect with our SAP mentors and Champions ruthvik.chowdary2 and krishnakishor.kammaje2  where they have emphasized on their journey to become SAP mentor or Champions

At the end there were mementos handed over to all the speakers .Overall it was a great in person event after pandemic where we got a chance to meet so many SAP technical experts and had a great exchange of ideas and knowledge over this event . Thanks to maheshkumar.palavalli for pushing me to be a part of organizer and speaker team .

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