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Hello everyone,

What about this event... For start, the presentation mark.finnern2. Wow, what amazing presentation, one of the best, if not the best I've ever seen! It made me think of several things... What is to be a true member of this community, which way to collaborate here. It made me rethink my attitude in the community and while I was thoughtful about them made me happy to see the love I have to participate (even missing the few times). I confess that many times when I say to my friends that I love the career I have chosen, they look at me crossed or sometimes laugh, but what's wrong to love something you do? Is it silly? I do not think so...

Finnern also speaks in his presentation on mentoring. Well, it may be silly to some, but it eventually became my dream, I desire to one day be a mentor, I know I have to tread MANY paths (for barely started to participate in the community) to get itself and also after being because responsibilities increase. Not an easy thing to achieve, one of the key things is to have passion for what you do and pass on to others the same feeling. I think I have to thank Finnern for showing me that I am not wrong to pass on that feeling.

Another presentation, that really liked was on the user experience. I confess that I could not understand in much of presentation because of my internet (and their signal interruptions), but I'm grateful he exemplified so well my question.

It was presented by Sam Yen and he exemplified the history of design thinking, talking about UXaaS (User Experience as a Service) and HCP.

Finishing my post, I'll put some photos that I liked (all these can be seen in the twitter with the hashtag #sitsv).

Thanks to mentors matt.fraser, moya.watson and susan.keohan for by encouraging me to create this blog and interacted with me during the event, you are great examples of people and professionals, I hope to one day personally meet them :smile: .

Raphael Pacheco.