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Hi SAPians,

I am SAP S/4HANA PP/PM Consultant. In this blog, we will see about the "MRP Fiori Apps" in SAP S/4HANA Cloud system.


First let’s have a short introduction and overview of the functionality of the "Material Requirement Planning (MRP)" Process.

Recently there is no blog to MRP related fiori apps let we know the Functions of MRP

MRP is the function or software module that calculates the need for materials and recommends production and purchasing activity (orders) to satisfy those demands.

Some examples for MRP types like PD, P1, P2, P3, P4, etc.



1.Monitor External Requirements

2.Monitor Internal Requirements

3.Monitor Material Coverage

4.Monitor Production/Process Order

5.Manage Change Request

6.Schedule MRP Runs

7.Display MRP Material Issues

8.Display MRP Key figures


1.Monitor External Requirements:


  •  In this app you can monitor the uncovered requirements originating from sales orders and stock transport orders.

  •  You can use the field Time till Requirement Date to determine the period in which you want to check uncovered external requirements.

Then click manage items,
By using Manage items, you can navigate from this app directly to the Manage External Requirements.

Reviewing the shortage detail of external requirement in the Manage External Requirements App.

2.Monitor Internal Requirements:


  • In this app you can Ensure that components are available in the right quantity and in time so that internal requirements originating from production orders, process orders, can be fulfilled.

By using Manage components you can navigate from this app directly to the Manage Internal Requirements.

Reviewing the shortage detail of internal requirement in the Manage Internal Requirements App.

3.Monitor Material Coverage:


  • Monitor Material Coverage, In this app you can monitor all the materials.

  • At the same time in this app, you can run the MRP for the material which you have selected and also by using Manage Materials you can convert the process order/production order and also can Review the Orders.

Green: The quantity of stock material required corresponds to the quantity confirmed.

Orange: The material was available for the latest operation.

Red: No sure delivery date is available (the product may not be in stock at all, with no current information on its next availability).

Reviewing Solution Proposals in Manage Material Coverage for a material shortage.

4.Monitor Production Order/Process Order:


  • With this app, you can monitor the status of the production orders or process orders.

  • In the list you can view if materials will be finished too late for the pegged requirements, if the components required for these materials will not be available in time and operations are delayed.

By using Manage Orders you can navigate from this app directly to the Manage Production Orders or Process Orders 

5.Manage Change Request:


  • You can send these Change requests to suppliers using an external system

  • To request a change of the quantity or delivery date for a purchase order schedule line so that material availability can be ensured and customer requirements can be fulfilled.

  • In the external system, suppliers can accept or reject the change requests or send new proposals. After you have received an answer from a supplier, you can either apply or discard the changes included in a specific change request.

6.Scheduling MRP Runs:


  • Schedule MRP Runs app is a type of generic job scheduling framework provided by SAP S/4HANA, to create and schedule a job for executing your MRP runs.

  •  That calculates the amount of dependent demand items such as raw materials, components and subassemblies needed to produce a finished good according to its demand-driven production schedule.

7.Display MRP material issues:


  • The system displays all the issues and restrictions as well as success messages that were created in the last MRP Live run.

8.Display MRP key:


  • With this app, you can view detailed information on each MRP run.

  • This information is available if the MRP run has been completed, is still running, or was terminated.

  • In the overview screen, the system lists all the individual MRP runs that have been carried out.


Opening Screen for Display MRP Key Figures leading to details of job


I hope this is useful for all of our community Team members regarding MRP related Fiori Apps.

I believe, it will be helpful and will provide sufficient information.

Thanks For Reading. Please share your reviews & feedback…


Thanks & regards,

Subathra Priya R.