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Connect with Microsoft at SAP Connect 2018


SAP and Microsoft connects a deep partnership. Only a few days ago the Open Data Initiative was communicated at the Microsoft Ignite conference which strengthens the existing relationship even further. Having set the goal to co-engineer, go to market together with premier solutions and provide joint support services to ensure the best cloud experience for customers, both Microsoft and SAP want to shape their future together. Being a partner, not only of SAP but also of Microsoft will give you the unique opportunity to be part of this global partnership.


A strategic partnership with Microsoft accelerates your sales cycles and enables you to deliver solutions for your customers leveraging the speed and performance of Azure for SAP Workloads! We are specifically looking for partners who are willing to learn how to leverage Azure and our IaaS and Platform Services to drive innovation with their SAP customers.  If you’ve got the will, we’ve got the way! Engage with Microsoft’s partner organization’s Build-With Machine!

What do we mean by Innovation? Integration between SAP and a customer’s productivity (Office, Workflow integration), leveraging world class leading analytics and Big Data to make better decisions leveraging SAP data to do this, leveraging Microsoft’s ABAP SDK to easily provision Azure services along with your SAP landscape…..and Get on board with the recently announced Open Data initiative between SAP, Adobe, and Microsoft!

From November 5-6, 2018, we will be present at SAPs partner conference, SAP Connect 2018, for the very first time! My colleagues and I are looking forward to establishing new and strengthening existing relations to partners who are interested in a partnership with Microsoft. Please do not hesitate to contact us in advance, so we can set up a short in person meeting at SAP Connect.