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MaxDB Database Administration using JDBC - Part 1

Database Administration is one among those tasks which is given a high priority. MaxDB Database administration can be achieved with the help of JDBC interfacing technique. This is much simplified and makes it possible for us to execute all the DBM commands with the help of Java. Java provides the package for the MaxDB database administration purpose.This weblog discusses the same with some sample Java programs.

The below links will be useful to learn more about the JDBC and MaxDB
MaxDB Documentation
JDBC Technology

The main steps that are to be followed when we access the MaxDB database is given below
1. Connecting to the Database
2. Executing DBM Commands
3. Ending the Connection

1. Connecting to the Database.

To establish a connection to an existing MaxDB Database instance we must first import the class. Then to handle the exeception we must import the We can use the DBM.dbDBM method to connect to the database. The syntax for the same is Var_Name = DBM.dbDBM("Server_Name","Database_Name"); . The program for establishing a connection is given below.

2. Executing DBM Commands

Once connection is established we can execute the DBM commands. The cmd method is used to execute the DBM commands. The syntax of the same is DBM_Session_Variable.cmd("DBM_COMMAND").

3. Ending the Connection

The task is to close the active connection once all the necessary processing is done. The can be achieved with the help of release method. The syntax of the same is DBM_Session_Variable.release().

Thus we can perform MaxDB administrative operations with ease using JDBC technique.