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Mater Mothers’ Hospitals are renown for providing high quality maternity services for women and families across Queensland, and beyond. One-in-seven Queenslanders are born at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals - Australia's largest maternity service.

These babies are affectionately known as Mater Little Miracles and the care they receive extends from pregnancy, to birth and infancy. But some babies require more care than others. Each year the Mater Mother's Neonatal Critical Care Unit provides specialist care to 2000 premature and seriously ill babies. These babies are affectionately known as Mater Little Miracles.

James (Jimmy) William Benbow Hebbert is a Mater Little Miracle. He is also the son of our colleague m.lee and her husband Will.

The overriding emotion I feel when I think about Jimmy is helplessness. Of course I know I don't feel anything like as helpless as Colleen, Will, their families and the amazing health professionals that work with these babies day in and day out. I can only wish them strength and comfort at this difficult time.

But there is something I can do - and if you are so moved you can do as well. Colleen and Will have setup a fundraising page in Jimmy’s name to show appreciation for the efforts of the Mater Staff.

You can find it, and more of Jimmy's story, at