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Every day in SAP is a new day and each day we take home a lot of learning. We learn new scenarios, face new challenges and thus find new solutions day in and day out. And to imbibe all these learning and to reproduce it when needed makes us a good consultant. The point what I want make is whether it is good  to continue in one module and assimilate the knowledge, keep contributing and gradually become an expertise in that particular module or is it better that we  move to other modules and gain the knowledge of multiple modules. But if the later is the better option is it realy possible ? 

This question came to my mind when I took part in a discussion with my colleagues. I have been working in SAP Quality Management for nearly three years and possibly now I have reached a stage where I can handle any diverse situation or difficult scenarios. I have handled couple of implementation and roll outs and has been able to contribute to SDN forum considerably. Now the obvious question in front of me is What Next? Should I make a move to other logistic module or handle more QM Projects. Our discussion finally closed without any conclusion as the argument flowed from both the sides.

I thought of the advantages of been in one module

  1.  Become a master in one module
  2.  In depth knowledge and Module process expert
  3.  Career growth can be as a Module lead


  1.  Average or fair Knowledge of some modules
  2.  Process expert 
  3.  Career can be towards Project Management .

My main apprehension is that if I make a move to another module will my expertise will lose in the module as without practise we tend to forget lot of solutions and tricks . After a long thought process the final conclusion was that let me spend some more years in the current module and after some time once I feel I am expert move to other modules. Also make sure that what knowledge I accumulate during these years is shared with friends and community so that I help others as well as I can retrieve whenever I need it.