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This idea dropped in my mind after successful #sitKIDS event in #sitWDF. Unfortunately I could not attend, but followed in twitter thanks to SAP community.

Imagine a group of young talents and trying to influence young and fresh minds wearing great kid mentor t-shirts, taking stage in Techeds and shaping future. What a great scene.

Also these kid mentors can organize their own events getting help from elder mentor brothers and sisters.

Let me explain in detail, program can be initiated in a pilot country, for example in Germany. One mentor from Germany can be volunteer for this program, in order to initiate and execute the program.

Now I believe there is a list of kids who are attended to the latest #sitKIDS. Volunteer mentor, can create a shortlist of candidates, and the Mentor Selection Board might contact to families and explain the program details to parents and try to get permission for items below:

  • Mentor Kid will meet SAP Deveopers in Walldorf and share his/her visit details with a blog, with special tag reserved for Mentor Kıds.

  • Mentor Kid might organize a CodeJam like event in his/her school with help of SAP.

  • Group of kid developers can develop an application with the help of SAP Developers and might present it Techeds.

  • Mentor Kid might visit nearby SAP Communities and take stage in Inside Tracks.

  • Mentor Kıd can meet once a month with one of SAP Leaders, like Bill McDermott, Hasso Plattner, or John Appeby...and share his meeting video on Youtube channels.

My mentor candidate for KidMentor program is jitendrakumar.kansal 🙂 Read his great blog about this great event : SAP Inside Track Walldorf 2018 #sitWDF along with #sitKIDS – A great example of increasing diversity

Now I thing jason.cao and katarina.fischer can move this idea to SAP.

Curios about your comments,