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Date: July 15, 2013

Time: 4:00 pm Eastern

Title: State of SAP Certification

Logon Details: SAP Connect and logon details are attached in an .ics file.

First I hope you all will attend moya.watson Mentor Monday webcast this coming Monday at noon Eastern.

On Monday July 15th 4:00 pm Eastern we will be holding a Mentor Monday webcast on the state of SAP Certification.   We are fortunate that SAP's susan.martin mary.bazemore arnoldpettersen-jung will be providing this public webcast.   jon.reed will be joining, pending his travel schedule.  I hope to hear more updates since this past webcast on certification

Some more background:

Here is Jon Reed interviewing Sue Martin, back in 2009:

Over four years ago Dennis Howlett wrote this blog titled "Should you be certified?"

Three years ago the Certification 5 wrote a white paper around this topic

Join us in July for this update.  I hope to hear more about professional certification.