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With an ambitious goal to triple their business , the Kraft export business knew that they would have to make some changes and improve their IT processes and systems.

Because, as Anthony Marshall, Sr. Systems Project Manager at Kraft Foods confessed, “you can’t have a business that you want to grow three-to-four times its current size, using Excel as your key driver for collaborating ordering with your customer,” the Information Systems group and the business side, jointly realized that there had to be a better way.

The business wanted to redesign their processes – they wanted to support their export pricing needs and they wanted to have the infrastructure to support growth.

So they turned to SAP Services.

With a full understanding that growing a business would need cooperation from both the IT team and the business, the SAP services team conducted a Design Thinking workshop with Kraft to determine the best road map and solution to automate export order entry.

Kraft invited their key stakeholders to the workshop, and they became crucial to the process in terms of feedback and buy-in. The desired outcome of the process was the creation of a tool that worked specifically to help the Kraft export business get to the next level and provide the flexibility and scalability for continued growth.

From the Design Thinking workshop, Kraft began their journey toward business growth and freedom from the hindrance of a limiting infrastructure.

During the journey, SAP Services implemented an agile development methodology, which enabled Kraft to be involved and approve content as the development sprints were completed. The business input was paramount to making this collaborative approach effective during the development journey, and for gaining acceptance and approval for the solutions.

The outcome?

SAP Services and the Kraft Information Systems group created a solution that addressed automation and pricing, laying the foundation to future mobile solutions and growth.

The solution allows distributors to feel more confident in the accuracy of the information through the solid infrastructure, and enables faster speed to market, and getting information to customers faster.

In retrospect, Kraft business users felt that they were fully engaged in the process and part of the design. They felt that by using the collaborative design thinking workshop, the development was more of a conversation than a “here’s a solution, go use it,” hand off. Since key stakeholders were involved in the conversation, those individuals had a better understanding of how IT and the business could work together to make the initiative a success.

But, don’t take our word for it. Watch this video to hear directly from the team at Kraft about their experience with SAP Services and the Design Thinking process.