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why for payroll contract projects and jobs always experience is needed form the country where the implementation has to be done....

i am now working with SAP payroll for almost 20 years and i am an expert on Dutch Payroll

i learned all the legislation and so on... it is convenient to have this knowledge, but is it needed?

I did tasks/jobs in Sinapore and Turkish payroll and it all went well

In my opinion SAP delivers for the most countries a working payroll.

Most of the changes made in the calculation scheme and most PCR's that have to be written are country independent...

it is all about logic and knowing how payroll works in general and what the possibilities of PCR's are...

So i am not convinced you need country specific knowledge of payroll to do a good job

What are the opinions here?

just wondering if somebody shares my opinion

or compeletely disaggrees....