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Congratulations to team 2 "We Care" and team 6 "Park It" on winning the Madrid InnoJam :smile:

Two teams winning - controversial !

The winning Teams:

  • Team 2: WeCare - Team Caring Neighbors makes your daily life social with WeCare - carpooling, shopping, homework, barbecues, you name it
  • Team 6: Park-It – Team Park-it creates the app that helps you park cheaper and find your car faster!

The runners up:

  • Team 1: PARK'O'VATION - Team Parkovation wants to help you to find free parking spots
  • Team 3: Otter Inc. - Team Otter Inc. - mashup transportation services (flight, train, bus, ...) to find your best way from A to B
  • Team 4: Smurney – Team Smurney offers an app that optimizes your journeys in real-time
  • Team 5: Family Matters - You want to go out at night but can't find a babysitter? Team Family Matters has the solution!
  • Team 7: e-Kids – Team e-Kids created an easy way for parents to get involved in their kids life at school
  • Team 8: AGA Pullco – Team Aga Pullco presenting how to get more active in local government by enabling poling for inhabitants