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Update 05.05.2020: Added links to scheduled sessions on YouTube.

We have entered May, and the first SAP Online Track in history is closing in fast. The registrations for speakers have ended, and the team is hard at work, putting together the session schedule for the event. And with the event coming up, we are all ramping up preparations. The speakers are preparing their sessions, some might even use the great Reveal.js presentation template vvdries  shared with the community. And we are all testing the technical setup, getting ready for action. With all this going on, there might be many out there with unanswered question.

Q&A Sessions Ahead

We need to test out the streaming platform, and what better way to do that, than having some Q&A sessions to answer your questions? We are scheduling three 1 hour sessions, and the agenda will be pretty flexible, based on questions we get in and people attending. The sessions will be hosted by uxkjaer and rsletta, and some of the others on the organising team might also drop by. We would also really like to see some of you there, but that's not mandatory to get your questions answered. The sessions will be hosted on the SAP Online Track Discord server, and streamed to the YouTube channel.


To Wrap Things Up

You are all welcome to join the sessions live on Discord, and we really hope to get lots of questions. Don't be afraid to ask, no matter how small you might think it is. This is an experiment for us too, and we have no idea how it will turn out. Bu we will do our best to answer all questions across the span of the three sessions, and hope the format turns out ok.

Please leave your questions here in the comments, or send them to Jakob or Ronnie on Discord, to get them on the list. And we'll see all of you online. ?