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Agenda is available now for the public view, check out here SAP Inside Track Singapore January 11, 2014 - Community Events - SCN Wiki

TechEd season is still going on, we just finished two and awaiting for TechEd Bangalore. Some were attended in more than one location, some might be waiting to attend in India, Some might get some glimpse from TechEd Online.

TechEd is the event where lots of technical details, road maps, future product release details shared and we can get more exposure via hands on sessions. It’s always good to attend this kind of technical event if got chance, but what about those who were not get opportunity to attend such wonderful event, you were not considered to be misfortune. You are the one going to be very much fortunate, because we SAP enthusiasts/ SCN Community Members/ SAP Mentors are going to share the teched learning experience via local SAP inside track event at your place itself. Seems very beneficial, is it?

SAP Inside track is the best place for both sharing the learning experience, it is the local event, organised by community and it would be helpful for everyone. I could always suggest that, SAP inside Track is one of the Must Attend Event in your professional career either as participant or as contributor.

We have been hosting sap inside tracks on Singapore since 2012. We got tremendous response, if you missed them, can get the details here,

Aah! Oh! Wow Moments of SAP inside Track Singapore – Dec 8, 2012

SAP Inside Track H1 Singapore 2013 – A day of Learning, Sharing, Networking, Fun and Much More!

Welcome To SAP Inside Track Singapore 2014

This time, again in Singapore, I and marek.kowalkiewicz planned to organize the SAP Inside Track immediately after the TechEd, But after year end vacation as a fresh served food  on Saturday, Jan 11th 2014.

The tag line for this fabulous event would be "Learn at TechEd and Share in Inside Track”. With this focus we are expecting lots of experts both from SAP, SAP Mentors and other attendees come forward and share your learning experience.

This is going to be very compelling event for you all, we are looking for some innovation on hosting sessions, expecting more hands on sessions and SAP Research Lab's Robotic research showcase, SAP Testing myths, Panel discussion of tech-ed attendees, and my analytic experience with NASA Kepler spacecraft data and much more interesting things would be shared on the whole day,

Since more sessions planned the venue going to SAP Asia Pte Ltd office at Mapletree Business City, Singapore. SAP office at MBC has big hall with all the logistics for hands on already available, this quite well suit for our whole day event.

Event Agenda would be shared after all the sessions and speakers got finalized.

Participants from all over world are welcome for this wonderful event, if you plan any trip to Singapore, Map your dates with the event date, join us for the day and get the wonderful learning/sharing exposure.

Registration is already open; you can place your tickets at

Twitter tag #sitsg2014

Do you want to contribute?

As you all know this is the community organized event for community, so we need to setup all our own, need lots of hands for support as speakers, social media collaboration and logistics assistance. Please refer the blog, you should Organise an Inside Track Event! by tim.guest . He shows the clear picture of the importance and value of contributing in SAP Inside Track event.

I have strong believe that the only way of growing is by sharing, How happiness get increased by sharing with others, the same way, when we share the knowledge, it acts as credit for you, If your knowledge gets shared, it gets increased massively and also your passion on the subject also go high and you end up with more exploring and sharpen your skill.

Hence if you want to contribute for this event as Speaker, please feel free, contact either me or marek.kowalkiewicz by placing the comments on this blog or by my twitter/linkedin tags. You can get all the needed ids available on SCN business card along with our SCN profile.

We are very pleased to get support and ideas from other SAP Mentors. If any of the SAP Mentors planned for the trip to Singapore during this time, Please get in touch with us, we need you all always to make this event well organized.

Over all, Block your calendar for Jan 11 2014, Book your tickets, Come, Network, Learn and Enjoy the Day!! Dont Miss!! :smile:


If you want to be a speaker, please submit your session proposal here SITSG Session proposal form