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SAP Insider 2010 HR conference just kicked off

Join me at the 2010 SAP Insider, organized by SAP Partner Wispubs, held this week in Barcelona, Spain. Attend great sessions and meet your peers. Dare to chime in and ask all the SAP HR related matters that you ever wanted to know. Discover new and latest functionalities as provided by SAP. See you there ?

More information :

Follow the conference on twitter : Hashtag #HR2010

Our agenda for this week (All times are CET).

Tuesday November 9th

I will entert(r)ain one of the first morning Jumpstart in room 132, from 10:00 til 13:00 :

'A comprehensive guide to SAP features, functions, and infrastructure for Talent Management' :

This special three-hour session provides live demos and an in-depth guide to SAP functionality for talent management.

  • Evaluate the features and integration points of SAP solutions that support:
    •Employee development
    •Enterprise performance management
    •Enterprise compensation management
    •Succession planning

Learn how to integrate key data objects — requisitions, appraisal, course, budget, and job family objects — with core SAP ERP HCM transactions

  • Step through examples that illustrate an end-to-end requisition process in SAP E-Recruiting
  • Learn how to set up a performance and compensation management program
  • Gain insight into how to manage an employee's development using SAP Learning Solution
  • Learn how to utilize profile matchup to register team members for training courses
  • Understand your options for analyzing the performance of your workforce from end-to-end, including tips for conducting talent appraisals and identifying top performers
  • Find out how to track workforce performance and align it with your compensation strategy
  • Understand how employees and managers can ensure appropriate training by browsing the course catalog to identify the right courses
  • Understand how succession planning fits in the position requirements in order to identify the job requisitions to be raised

Wednesday November 10th (busiest day !)

I will entert(r)ain the following sessions :

From 13:15 til 14:30 in room 122 : 'Expert techniques you can use every day to improve and derive greater value from your core HR Appli...

This session offers practical lessons for creatively utilizing your existing SAP ERP HCM applications in new ways. Step through tricky HCM scenarios, such as master data maintenance, that can be supported by standard functionality — no custom development required.

Find out when customization may be absolutely necessary, and learn how to minimize your custom development efforts. Learn easy ways to activate user menus, assign personalized transaction codes, and define user parameters, in order to comply with security audits, make life easier for system administrators, and only give users access to the transactions they are authorized to see.

Explore the best ways to leverage standard workflows for critical processes such as time sheet approvals. Gain advice for using table T779X for workflow as an alternative to standard audit. Obtain best practices for using standard reports to identify the manager of specific employees. Find out quick and easy ways to map and assign users to personnel numbers.

From 14:45 til 16:00 in room 114 : Insider discussion forum : 'Lessons from experts and peers to help you transform your own talent management process'

This informal discussion forum offers you the opportunity to hear your peers' best practices, lessons learned, and critical success factors for leveraging SAP functionality for talent management.

Hear how other customers standardize HR processes and transform talent, manage performance and compensation, optimize recruiting activities, and derive value from their enterprise learning strategies.

Learn how your peers are rolling out their talent management applications to a broader user base. Explore unique ways others are leveraging SAP Talent Visualization by Nakisa functionality to ensure sustainable availability of top talent to meet ever-changing demands and circumstances.

Take part in the discussion and get real-world examples that are sure to help you improve your own talent management processes.

From 16:15 til 17:30 room 115 : 'An innovative guide to planning and executing an SAP enhancement package project within your SAP ER... (session repeated on friday for your convenience)

Gain familiarity with SAP ERP HCM functional-ity offered with SAP enhancement packages 1, 2, 3, and 4 for SAP ERP 6.0. Step through guidelines for integrating SAP enhancement packages into a mature SAP ERP HCM landscape.

Find out how your approach to installing an SAP enhancement package differs from a full system upgrade. Review a checklist of technical and functional prerequisites that can help you avoid costly installation problems and reduce maintenance fees. Find out how to use a new tool from SAP to determine which functionality would best benefit you in order to avoid activating and maintaining features you don't need.

Find out what options are now available to address HR business process challenges, integrate previously siloed HR processes, and close functionality gaps. Get a sneak peek into new HR content planned for SAP enhancement package 5.

From 17:45 til 19:00 Exhibition Hall : Meet me at the 'Ask the Experts' rountables.


Thursday November 11th (St Martin !)

I will entert(r)ain a session from 10:30 til 11:45 (room 122) regarding 'Cross Application Time Sheet aka CATS made easy : Fine tuning your CATS configuration'

Review in detail the features and functions of the cross-application time sheet (CATS) tool, including the functionality in SAP ERP 6.0.

Understand your options for entering data through CATS using standard SAP ERP transactions, either via SAP GUI or employee self-services. Explore the core integration points between CATS and other SAP components and see where the most important CATS data and configuration elements originate.

Receive tips for how to best integrate CATS functionality with other applications or sources, such as Web applications, in order to integrate it with self-services in the portal. Learn new ways to troubleshoot and fine-tune your existing CATS configuration problems, such as missing configuration or missing authorizations.

Take home a quick reference guide of CATS transaction codes, answers to frequently asked questions, and resolutions to common CATS error messages.

More information in the CATS SAP PRESS books already published.

Friday November 12th

I will entert(r)ain a sessions :

From 10:30 til 11:45 room 115 : 'Options and strategies to secure your employee and Manager Self Service applications'

Bolster your understanding of the fundamental authorization concepts you need to know to properly secure SAP employee and manager self-service applications within a portal. Understand the differences between a traditional SAP ERP role and a portal role and learn how these differences impact the effort required to plan, design, and test self-service authorizations.

Review the pros and cons of the standard-delivered employee self-service authorization objects to better understand what each does and where you may need to add authorizations. Get expert advice for monitoring and overcoming common performance issues that may slow down your authorizations. Know your options for handling complex authorization challenges, like delegation, substitution, and shadowing, which require users to perform activities on behalf of others.

Identify the specific authorization objects you need to enable workflow and reporting in portal-based self-service applications, and get tips to estimate the time and resources required to implement these authorizations in your system.

From 15:45 til 17:00 room 115 : 'An innovative guide to planning and executing an SAP enhancement package project within your SAP ER... (repeated session from Wednesday).

Looking forward to meeting you onsite.

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Have a great conference,

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