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Active Contributor know, when it's time for reflection and making plans for next year. And that time of the year, when we tend to think a bit more about the people who aren't as lucky as we and who need our support. And sadly, there are still a lot of them...

So when I noticed this tweet from luke.marson :

I was curious and just 'had to' follow the link. Well, it brought me to a fundraising site for a more than worthy cause: Doctors without Borders (MSF). If you've been living under a rock never heard of them, check them out in this video:

From the fundraising web site:

Every day, Doctors Without Borders field staff provides urgent medical care to victims of armed conflict, brings emergency relief in the aftermath of natural or man-made disasters and fights deadly epidemics. Your generous support helps make it possible.

This fundraising is an initiative of sap_mentor susan.keohan , and doesn't stand on its own: SCN members have a long tradition of raising money for Doctors without Borders:

So, with that little bit of history in mind, I think it's time the scn_community as a whole gets involved in this fundraiser, and I ask of you:

Help Sue in her effort to raise $10,000 for Doctors without Borders and donate!

The scn_community is amazing, and I just know there are a lot of members waiting for an opportunity to contribute and make this world a little bit better :smile: . Well, this is your chance! With the 3 million of us, we can and will make it happen!

A big THANK YOU to those that already have contributed, and to all others: there's still time :smile: .

Thanks for reading, and please follow the link above.