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Hi again! We’re Kirstin, Denis, Hans, Oliver and Tobias from Microsoft and we’re very excited to join you for the Innojam in Madrid. Further information about our participation can be found here.

In our second post we will show you which tools you need to develop your own Windows 8 apps:

  1. Install Windows 8: MSDN subscribers can download Windows 8 from the MSDN Subscriber Downloads. Alternatively an evaluation version of Windows 8 is provided in the Evaluation Center.
  2. Install Visual Studio Express 2012: Go to this page and click the Download now button in the Download the tools and SDK section. In addition to Visual Studio Express 2012 this download also includes the designing tool Blend, the Windows 8 SDK and project templates for Windows 8 apps.
  3. Get a developer license: When starting Visual Studio for the first time you are requested to get a developer license. Such a license needed in order to allow the system to execute apps that were not downloaded from the Microsoft store. Refer to this page for further information about the validity and installation alternatives.

Now you are already ready to develop your first app which will be the topic of our next post.