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Its fascinating to step into the new world of SCN and to learn the game dynamics :smile: . Its almost like a professional "social" networking site which kinda reminds me of the oft-used saying "Learning can be fun sometimes " :wink: . I have always been into writing..whatever crap it might be..the sole thing which lends my creative soul some wings and some feathers to soothe. This Blog however will not be about ornate literary fictions ( as it is in SCN and it  necessarily has to be something to do in SAP :sad: ) but will be about little things that I might interesting and worth sharing in my otherwise mundane work-schedule. Mumbo-jumbos it will be but it will be SAP ABAP blabbering nonetheless  .So stay tuned and keep reading ( incase you also like reading crazy stuff like i do) .Ciao :smile: