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Mobility has been a hop topic over the last couple of years and I see a number of different approaches to get to the promised land. 

For example SAPUI5, Sybase, SAP Gateway, custom REST services and more.  While all will eventually get your app into production and provide great value, the amount of work to develop these apps can be daunting.  We must keep in mind it's not simply UI development we have be concerned with, but maintaining all the backend logic as well.  Spelled out, we have to create alot of non-friendly code to support our new app. 

Redeveloping every existing application I'd already written seemed like a daunting and nonsensical thing to do.  Given, some of my apps could now leverage my mobile devices camera, motion sensor, etc. but the vast majority of them were rather simply transaction screens.  The requirement is basically a rewrite.  There had to be another way...

That said, I found a free iOS/Android app called Kairos Enterprise which does just that.  It's an SAP Client that instantly mobilizes your existing SAP WD Application library, both SAP delivered and custom.  No need to redevelop all your apps, learn a new language or fiddle with new technologies.  My old SAP WD Applications can now just be transformed  on the fly to my mobile/tablet device with a touch friendly interface.  You can connect to a demo server or your own machine and see your aging WD's in their new shiny mobilized UI, no development required.

I'll be posting a follow up blog on how to mobilize & connect to your own SAP server once I've got it fully functional.  Hopefully it's as promising as it looks in the intro video:

For those who want to follow in my pursuit, the download links are below:

iTunes Link -

Android Market -

Has anyone else used this app?  How'd it go?  I'm curious to get others experience with this app.