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I’m at SAP for about 7 years working as a software architect in Master Data Management development group. For the last 3 years we were developing our product over HANA.

When I first started to learn HANA I found myself trying to adjust the HANA world and comparing it to the traditional database world which I familiar with for more than 20 years. Only when I started to give HANA courses I finally could explain it in a simple manner. 

In this session I will share my understanding and try to gap the bridge for you.

SAP HANA introduces new database objects and terminologies for analytics such as attribute views, analytic views and calculation views. This session will help to understand what the new objects are, how they can be mapped to the traditional BI world and emphasize the advantages of working with HANA using those new objects. 

In case you have questions regards this session please post them in the comment section

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