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From some of the top analytics experts and SAPPHIRE veterans, we have collected tips for maximizing your time at the upcoming SAPPHIRENOW and ASUG ANNUAL conference next week in Orlando.

Jamie Oswald (oswaldxxl)

“Take the time for the people. It’s very easy to get caught up in demos and educational sessions, which are great, but the most important thing you’ll take away are people you can call when you forgot what you learned at the conference.”

Jamie Oswald  LinkedIn

Diversified Semantic Layer

Mico Yuk (MicoYuk)

“Put a top 10 list of folks you have to meet and set up per meetings with as many as you can.  Tackle then first as it will take at least 1.5 days and the enjoy the rest of the conference! If not, you’ll never see them and you’ll get lost. ”

Mico Yuk on LinkedIn

BI Dashboard Formula &

Tammy Powlas (tpowlas)

“The number one tip I have for attending ASUG Annual Conference for the first time is to attend/check out the ASUG customer presentations – take notes via paper or your mobile device and report it back to your company when you return.”

Tammy Powlas on LinkedIn

Gabriel Orthous (orthous)

“Pick top 10 vendors and spend some time with them.  Also engage with the community in the ASUG lounge.  Smoke cigars.”

Gabriel Orthous on LinkedIn

SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence: The Comprehensive Guide (2nd Edition)

Ryan Goodman (rmgoodm)

“Plan to be everywhere 15 minutes ahead of time because it takes time to navigate from one end of the floor to the other. To help point you in the right direction, bookmark PrizeFinder on your phone so when you show up and find yourself lost on the show floor you can orient yourself and have the app point you in the right direction. Take time to enjoy yourself!”

Ryan Goodman | LinkedIn

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