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0 Kudos can be used as the ultimate medium for adapting fast-changing conditions led by new data processing and information technology. Constantly developing and changing new world order brings about several new concepts. Among these is information management that emerged as a result of the development of management science.

However, information management doesn’t merely consist of using the latest information technologies in the most effective way, but requires a certain culture as well. Information share, transparency, and synergy are also considered as elements of this process. Information is a phenomenon that increases and flourishes by share and support of different perspectives. For this reason, managing information well requires evolution in not only technology, but also enterprise culture.

No matter how well defined your management concept is, you must pay great attention to the matter of enabling people to access the knowledge developed in the body organization at any time they need. Information management is combining information and knowledge and keeping it ready for service.

All the staff in an organization is expected to make functional and strategic decisions every day. There is a wide spectrum of data sources and applications required to be brought together in the organization. For instance, cooperation of two or more application may be needed in order to carry out a decision or task. Subsequently, organization staff may analyze several application windows or be in contact to complete a single part of the overall mission. In many cases, it may prove necessary to carry out one function in database and applications for the completion of a mission.

Systems in an enterprise are designed in a very complex way for a certain objective. Its employees are in need of a serious orientation to successfully complete responsibilities and tasks allotted for them. Besides, the whole application cannot be said to require an employee to fully understand and know the available databases and systems.’s quite difficult to find, understand, and use information. To be managed, information emerging, circulating and developing in an organization may require definition of information management concept and categorization paralleling the organizational needs. In such a case, you will need a technological solution to modify information access & share and decision mechanisms.

Thus, the staff will be able to prepare complex reports, get aware of the new information, revise project conditions, and complete their mission on any information they need. Employees also will be capable of communicating with each other in a collaborative policy, share their knowledge and get instant answers to their questions. In addition, they will be welcome to customize and organize their own study environments according to pre-defined data categorization.

To achieve strategic alignment organisations are increasingly managing their activities and processes as projects – in essence, projectising their business – to monitor performance more closely and make better business decisions about their overall work portfolio. By planning and tracking projects with clarity and precision organisations can respond with greater agility to the demands of a fast-changing business environment.

Employees unfortunately don’t make much effort to in terms of personal development to do their best. Really the employees especially the experienced ones should alter available information use according to changing circumstances and develop themselves. Completing the mission in the best way means for one to comprehend his role in his study field well.

Knowledge is gained by arduous studies in the enterprise. It’s quite difficult to measure the knowledge possessed by each member in the organization. Knowledge workers must strive for fathoming the importance of the fact that the knowledge they manage and use will change into knowledge experience and exploit this experience for the welfare of the enterprise.

Now knowledge gains continual importance as the ultimate asset in the organizations. The more access and the control of information and knowledge is, the more effort for creating flexible working environment field will show up. Organization must possess an information management solution to make it possible for the workers to easily reach and use the information among many data sources and applications. Thus workers can easily check their e-mails, projects, updates and the other vital information, and communicate the other workers through a single intranet field.

The first thing to do when information management system is built for the first time is to define organization systems in terms of work process. Defining this process as flow activities for each worker, which worker will be responsible for which application and systems must be clarified.

I want to strongly emphasize again that at first you should determine the existing information systems and how you will bring together the information produced with the users. The keyword here is productivity, to provide the best integration, with the existing objects you have, which improve productivity.