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Hello again!

You guys probably already had to develop a new project, or implement some new feature into your systems, which can be a challenge, eventually. This happens - in my case, at least - because the business areas decide to create their own processes, without consider any standards in the market or benchmark with the partners.

This scenario made me think - and look - for some place where I would be able to find overall information about the main core SAP processes, and with the launch of the new SAP support site, I could!

The funny thing is that I found this site, a long time ago, and I lost the link somewhere during the last years.

The SAP Solution Explorer shows the value maps based on industry, area or technology, and can help you with this challenges!

Of course this is just one part of the story. This can be usefull for you that needs to give some ideas for one project, but what about the second detailing level of it? What can you do for it?

The answer is the "SAP Business Process Hierarchy"!

In this tool you can find the business processes in details, that can be used as reference for your ideas and brainstorming.

The SAP BPH is hosted under

These are good places to check when you are looking for something.


I hope it can be useful for you, as was for me.

See you!