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About inquiring for SAP

It is necessary for us to inquiry for SAP when we build or manage SAP system.
The most popular way of inquiring for SAP is reporting an incident ( OSS ) .
We can inquiry for SAP in Japanese ,so Reporting an incident is the standard way
without consulting issues.

Now there is "Expert Chat" for the way of inquiry for SAP .
Using "Expert Chat", we can chat and ask something with the SAP support.


Check out Expert Chat

The best point of Expert Chat is QUICK SPEED to solve issues.

When you request Expert Chat, 80% of them will be assigned to the person in charge and you can have a chat conversation.
This has dramatically increased the speed of resolution.
In the case of an incident (OSS), one round trip from question to answer may take more than a day.
But I feel that Expert Chat often takes only a few minutes.

Here are my examples.
When trying to apply a note to the SAP system, the note could not be downloaded from
T-cd: SNOTE.
I made a query in Expert Chat because the same thing happened on multiple systems.
As soon as I made an inquiry, a person in charge was assigned to explain the event,
and he immediately contacted the Network Team to find out the cause.
(In this case, the cause was that the network problem occurred on the SAP side.)

We were able to respond in less than three hours from the discovery of the event to the identification of the cause and the setting of workarounds.


I recommend Expert Chat,
even if you're not good at English

The difficulty for Japanese in Expert Chat is that it is limited to English.
There are many people around me who are not good at English, so there are still few people who are not good at Expert Chat.

I would like to tell you that the hurdle of Expert Chat is not higher than you expected.
Because it is a chat format and you can basically talk in a question-and-answer format.
I'm not good at English either, but when you get used to it, listen to it on Expert Chat!
You can now feel free to make inquiries.

Expert Chat was described in detail in the following article.
I hope you will find it helpful.




--- The following part is the same content in Japanese. ---



現在は、インシデントとは別にExpert Chatという問合せ形態があり、


Expert Chatは何が良いのか

Expert Chatの良いところは何といっても解決までのスピードです。

Expert Chatは依頼すると8割方、すぐに担当者がアサインされチャットで会話ができます。
ざらにありますが、Expert Chatでは数分で済むことが多いと感じています。

複数のシステムで同様の事象が発生していたため、Expert Chatで問合せを行いました。
問合せをかけてすぐに担当者が付き、事象を説明すると、その場でNetwork Teamに問合せをかけてくれ、すぐに原因を突き止めていただけました。



Expert Chatを広めたい

Expert Chatの日本人にとっての難点は英語限定だということです。
英語に苦手意識を持っている方が周りに多いのでExpert Chatに手を出す人がまだ少ないです。

そんな方にお伝えしたいのが、チャット形式なので基本的に一問一答形式で会話できるため、思っていたよりExpert Chatのハードルは高くないです。
私も英語が得意というわけではないのですが、慣れてくるとExpert Chatで聞いちゃおう!と気軽に問合せができるようになりました。


Expert Chatについては以下の記事に詳しく書かれていましたので