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It's "late" at night.   That's my excuse anyway.  Too much coffee, too many things going on during work.   So I'll start out pretty strange.   I'm dressed for bed.   I have sweat pants on - so this is not an R rated version.   I'm dancing around in the living room yelling I'm a Rock Star!  It is a flash back to when I felt like a Rock Star at TechEd.  (For those of you that have read my The Thankful List - SCN Does something well?.  My dance tonight looks a lot like my happy dance.)

I was on a panel about SCN.  Gail Moody-Byrd interviewed Simon To and I.  She is amazing.!  She was calm and lead us through the points we both wanted to make about SCN.   Simon's main point was different than mine.   BOBJ was later coming into the SCN fold than ABAP.  ABAP was here at ground zero.  My point, in case I didn't make it in the interview was the value of SCN.   Invaluable.

So - on to the interview.  There were lights blinding me.  I was center stage as people walked by me on their way to lunch. Good I thought, lunch.  No one would be watching.  Yeah, right.  I got back to work, and found out that one of our contractors had already watched the video.  It could be worse, all my co-workers could have seen it.  (Yes, I know now I'm publishing the video in a blog.  Darn that Gail.  She challenged me to write this.  I'm always up for a challenge.)

If you haven't seen the video here it is.  I'm terrified, and it probably shows.   Oh well, it was fun to do after the fact.  At the time... well at the time all I could think is this is live.  There are no "do overs".

Would I do it again?  

Yes, probably.   It was hard to do.  However, if you've read my blogs, you know I try to spread the word.  SCN is a good place.  I do this for purely selfish reasons.  The more people that are here, the easier my questions get answered, the more information is readily available.  Yes!  That's cool.

Did my message get delivered?

I hope so!

Was it a highlight from Teched?

No, not really.  There was so many other things that were there.  I've blogged about that too.  It is "The Event of the Year".  At least for me.

What was my favorite thing about it?

Hands down, meeting new people.  Simon is great, Gail is great, and I even got to meet people prior to the interview.  (Bala and Brian - they are great too!)

What didn't I like?

That's easy - the live feed.  It made me nervous.  I was thinking - this will be saved.  People can download it.  Oh no!

Me - am I really a Rock Star?

Get real!  You know the answer.  No.  But I felt like one that day.