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Yesterday was a great day for people who really work for, using, implementing or interested in SAP Hybris in Istanbul. We have relatively mature SAP community in Istanbul thanks to abdulbasit.gulsen volunteer valuable efforts, however e-commerce and marking community was not grouped under name of SAP Hybris before.

There are around 15 SAP Hybris customer in Turkey (these numbers are subject to confirmation, there might be more, we have counted among people's portfolio who has joined the fist meetup). E-commerce is very young bsiness in Turkey and needs time to get the real place in total economy. Especially last 2-3 years, Turkey's well known brands and retail chains have discover the power of digital economy and e-commerce, as a result of this enlightenment, secure, structured and reliable platforms like SAP Hybris started to replace existing e-commerce in-house or local platforms.

I really like SAP Hybris not only as a platform for digital economy but also as a bridge for the SAP people and other development platforms people. Both of us really like to know and learn from  each other.

Last SAP Inside Track Istanbul functional (great statistics prepared by tammy.powlas  Another Tale of Two SAP Inside Tracks  ) we had a special slot for erdem.ilhan who is leading Hybris business in one of Turkey's biggest SAP Partner and Integrator company. Thanks to him, we had enjoyed his live demo about SAP Hybris.

I think our passion in Inside Tracks encouraged him to make the similar event exclusively for SAP Hybris. Yesterday we were only around 25, but passion and contribution was great. One of the Turkey's biggest Retail chain's e-commerce director shared his e-commerce journey and SAP Hybris decision history, which was very much valuable.

Also SAP Turkey shared their experience, services and depth of knowledge which is very important for potential SAP Hybris customers.

My favorite was Mustafa Dalcı's session named UX vs Design-driven.

Many thanks to SAP Hybris people who joined and shared valuable experiences.