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What is Easy Query and why is it important for SAP BPC?

Easy queries allow external access to BEX queries via different methods such as service or function module.

It is quite important for SAP BPC, because in most cases forecast data or plan data is highly dependent on the actual data like accruals , ending inventory, some KPI's, drivers or ratios that would be used in SAP BPC business logic and calculations.

In one of my customer , some calculations are based on value of a column of complex bex query. That's why it is not a solution of  transferring data from actual data infoprovider to BPC model. Since business logic that was applied on SAP BEX query is needed to be replicated and hard to maintain afterwards . So i decided to use easy query approach because it will provide SAP BEX Query as a function module(SM37) that can be easily consumed in SAP BPC custom logic calculations using ABAP.

You can also check following blog entry Easy queries on SAP NetWeaver BW  to understand details of easy query.

Step to Configure Easy Query

You can follow the step here in SAP Documentation  Configuring Easy Queries - Configuration - SAP Library or alternatively you can follow  the instructions for automatic setup in SAP OSS note : 1944258 - Easy query setup: Setup-Report .

For reference i will also include configuration steps here.

1. use transaction SBGRFCCONF to congifure bgRFC .

2. According to SAP Documentation use following  Inb. Destination name and Prefix .

3. Be sure , service is activated on SICF.( WDA_EQ_Manager )

3. After configuration is setup up , create a BEX query and on the extended query properties click the Easy Query.

Please keep in mind there are some limitations of easy query ( ex: chars on row and key figures on column , single value variables etc).

4. then use EQManager transaction so see the details of easy query . On the function module column , you can see the function module which you can use in your ABAP calls. ( /BIC/NF_1 in our example )

5. then you can call this function  in SM37. You can also use variables in you bex query and they are represented import parameters here in function module.

Finally, you can see the bex query result in a tabular format which is easy integrated in your SAP BPC custom logic using ABAP.

Hope it helps you in your BPC scenarios.


Baris C.