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·         Create a Document Area

·         Archive link

·         Content Repository

·         Document Class

·         Document Type

·         Content Service Activation – Basis job

Business Scenario:  Human Resources Department has a lot of Document exchanges between locations and sometimes the documents might get lapse during the exchange. SAP provides a central repository storage system where the HR depts. Can specifically locate the HR documents in the centralized electronic area from SAP HCM Employee Master Data.

Document Area: IMG Path for Defining the Document Area

IMG – SAP Web Application Server – Basis Services – SAP Knowledge Provider – Document Management Service - Document Area

Document area - This is the place where you can configure to maintain the documents, Configure Display destinations (System specifications from which the documents for display are called, Web server. In the standard system we can use the Document Area – “ARCHLINK”

Archive Link:  The next step in this configuration is Archive link. Archive link is a service integrated with the archived documents with the application documents. For Eg: From the Screen of the SAP HR Master data of the employee you can display the stored documents that are associated with it.

One of the Logical units of the storage system in the Archive link is Content repositories. Create the content repository with the storage type.

IMG - SAP Web Application Server – Basis Services – Archive link – Basic Customizing – Define Content Repositories

  1. T.code: OAC0

Enter the following data while creating the content repository:

1.       Content repository – Two identification number

2.       Description

3.       Document area – Here you can link the document area which was configured in the document area settings

4.       Storage type – Either Http server, R/3 Data base. However the most preferred option is Http server, for this the content service should be activated you may reach out to basis for this.

5.       Rep Sub type – Normal

6.       Version – 0046 – Content server version

7.       Contents table – Choose SDOKCONT1 – this is a repository table where the documents are stored in the form of the clusters.

Document Class:  In this step you maintain the type or format of the incoming document. It can be .PDF file, Docx etc.

Transaction code: OAC2

IMG-SAP Net weaver – SAP Web Application Server – Basis Services – Archive link – Basic customizing – Edit Document classes

Document Type: Here you maintain the document type and link this document type to a Document class.

Edit Links: In this step you link the document type, the content repository, and the link table to a object type.

Object types are the business objects that exits in the business object repository through the transaction SWO3. For HCM we can use object type PREL, Document type HRIMDOTR, Content repository XX and the link table.

The significance of the link table is it acts as an archive link between the stored documents and the application system. In HR we use TOAHR – link table for the SAP HR application documents.

Retention period: Number of months the entry for the stored document remains in the link table before it is deleted

Post the above configuration steps this part would be the basis part where you need to activate the content server interface which is interlinked to the content repository. A communication user will have to be assigned for activation of the content server.

Scanning Capabilities:

Go to the Transaction code: OAAD – Administration of Stored documents

Click on Store and Assign

In the next step, in the Target object – you have to provide the following details:

Business object: PREL– Employee Document

Document type: HRIMDOTR – Other Document and click on Create on the top of the screen

Consider the PERNR and click ok.

In this Step, Please select the required documents which needs to be linked on the employee Master data. Eg: Employee Address proof or Birth Certificates.

Caution: The document type should be PDF file.

Once you upload the document, you get the below message if the document is stored successfully.

Post above step, A document Id number for each upload would be generated.

To view the Document at Employee level – Go to the Transaction PA30

Go to Extras on the Sap Menu of Pa30 or Pa20 Screen and click on “Display all facsimiles”.

Deletion of the document:

How to delete a specific document uploaded on the employee record?

·         Go to the Transaction: OAAD

·         Click on the Technical search as shown below


·         Select the Business object PREL and the document type as HRIMDOTR as shown below;

·         In the next step select the PERNR and click ok   

·         Once you click on Ok, it will display all document ID which are linked to the employee.  If you would look to delete a specific document, Double click on the document id which would help you understand the document contents. Once reviewed go back to the same Screen.


·         Select the specific Document Id and press delete.

Click yes for all the 3 screens which get displayed after you hit delete. Once the document is deleted the screens shows as below