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When the statistics parameter is ON in BPC ADMIN client.

The UJ0_STAT_HDR (Header) & UJ0_STAT_DTL(Details)  tables grows very large and may affect performance .

We have two options to control the size of these tables :

  1. Delete the table entries using program: UJ0_STATISTICS_DELETE using APP SET ID.
  2. We  can stop the performance  statics  generation Go to the BPC ADMIN and OFF the  BPC parameter BPC_STATISTIC.We can do this for APPSET or Specific Applications.
    1. Steps to switch OFF the parameter for one APPLICATION.
    • Open BPC ADMIN Client
    • Go the web client .Double click the “Interface for the web”. This will be opened in a web browser (preferably IE).


    • Choose Application
    • Go to the Administration shown below 

    • Go to the set application parameter shown below

    • Turn OFF the BPC_STATISTIC parameter