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There are myriad reasons why you could be working from home. Maybe you have chosen to work remotely to save money, decrease work-life hurdles, or even take care of your family. It could be that you have been forced to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For whatever reason, working from home can be a convenient experience.   

That said, it can present its fair share of unique challenges. This is especially true when it comes to your health and productivity. You might be tempted to keep taking snacks and eating unhealthy.  There is also the absence of social simulation, and temptation to work from your bed and the likes. In this regard, we have compiled a few tips to help you stay healthy and productive as you work remotely. 

Keep a consistent sleep schedule.

When you are working from home, your sleep schedule can be affected as you try to adjust. It can also change. However, sticking to your sleep schedule is certainly a crucial part of your self-care. It contributes to your sleep quality, which is vital for the optimum functioning of your mind and body systems.

If you fail to get enough quality sleep, you will likely find yourself tired during your working days and hours. It is also likely that you will experience energy fluctuations during the day. Experts suggest that you take a brisk walk outside in the fresh air in case of inevitable sleepiness. Alternatively, you can take a brief power nap to revitalize and keep on working. In a nutshell, getting quality sleep is crucial in staying healthy and productive while working from home.

Have a designated workspace

It is advisable that you set aside an organized, designated space for working. For example, if you have a spare room, you can turn it into an office and equip it efficiently. You can also convert a corner of your bedroom or a space in your kitchen to be your working area.

You should also acquire comfortable furniture. Get a comfortable chair and a table to work on during work hours. While the couch may be slouchy and enticing it, avoid using it for work. A comfortable table and chair avoid strains on your back or neck, which may crop up as a health issue. It will also sustain your energy and attention, leading to your high productivity.

Take care of your eyes.

Make sure that you give your eyes some rest. Research has shown that it is unhealthy for your eyes to be glued to a computer screen all day long. Therefore, it is recommended that you take time off during every hour you spend on your computer. Close your eyes, or take the focus off your computer screen for a few minutes to make sure you are not straining them.

Better still, obtain prescription glasses to maintain your eye health as you work from home. Make sure you know how to measure your pupillary distance, otherwise known as PD before buying the glasses. There is a nice guide where you can learn about how to measure your PD easily at home. The prescription glasses are important as you work from home. They will: 

  •         Block high-energy visible light or blue light that is coming out of your computer. This may result in macular degeneration and other eye problems.

  •         Reduce your chances of getting cataracts as they will block the ultraviolet light from the sun

  •         Protect your eyes from projectiles

Tip: Again, take regular breaks outside to avoid straining your eyes.

Have a working schedule

When working from home the whole day, it is very easy for the day to blur into one long workday. Therefore, to avoid making a daunting to-do list that can send your stress levels soaring. You should decide what you intend to accomplish for the day and stick to that.

We can’t reiterate this enough. You ought to schedule breaks at specific times to get some relief and relax your mind. This will help you reduce the risk of work stress, which could affect you negatively and lower your productivity. 

Eat Healthy

When working from home, you might be tempted to eat whatever food you can find in the kitchen. You might find yourself eating too many snacks. Junk food is touted as a big issue as the world shifts to working from home. That should not scare you. You should just know that unhealthy eating habits might lead to lifestyle diseases in the long run.

To avoid that, you can perhaps make a proper and balanced diet for lunch in advance. You may also stock fresh fruit and healthy snack by the side. During lunch breaks, shut down your computer and focus on eating. Also, ensure to take enough water to stay hydrated.

Tip: Don’t forget to do regular exercises to keep fit as you work from home


In a nutshell

Working from home is advantageous in many ways. You can have a flexible schedule and still stay productive. That said, it can pose challenges if you don’t adapt and do things right. Well, we hope you can inculcate some of the tips we have covered to help you stay healthy and productive as you work from home!