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With May closing in, and SAP Online Track approaching, it is time to have a look at the different options for presenters. This will be a short blog post, laying out the alternatives we plan to use during the event. More details will also be published soon, as guides on the SAP Online Track Github page, and videos on the SAP Online Track YouTube channel.

The alternatives

Our focus is to make the job of the presenters as manageable as possible, while at the same time being available for the participants of the event. We use the terms stream moderator and stream producer. These are two designated roles, not necessarily two persons. With that in mind, here are the 3 alternatives.

Option 1 - Easy mode

Presenter share their screen using Discord "Go Live" functionality. That's it! ?

A stream producer will be responsible for getting the presentation to the YouTube broadcast, and insert title- and end-cards.

The stream moderator will handle moderation of the Q&A part, and the Q&A will be a part of the stream.

The presenter is invited to keep the discussion going in one of the unconference channels, after the session.

Option 2 - Offline mode

Presenters record their session offline, and share it with the SAP Online Track team. The team will add title- and end-cards to the video, and prepare for a YouTube premiere at the set schedule. On the event, the YouTube video will go live (like a livestream), and the presenter will be able to answer questions in the text chat, during the running of the video. After the session, the presenter can hold a Q&A in one of the unconference channels.

The Q&A sessions will unfortunately not be recorded by the team, and naturally cannot be a part of the video presentation.

We encourage the presenters using this method, to use the Q&A sessions as the basis of a blog post (or more).

Option 3 - DIY mode

Presenters experienced with steaming to YouTube, can opt for the DIY method. Here the presenter will receive the YouTube stream key of the session, to be used in the streaming software of choice, and be responsible for getting a signal to the broadcast. The SAP Online Track team will still be the ones administering the broadcast on YouTube, but the presenter is in complete control of the rest.

The SAP Online Track team will provide event specific graphics, like title- and end-cards. There will also be a Discord moderator assisting with moderation and administration of the Discord activities and Q&A session.

The presenter is invited to keep the discussion going in one of the unconference channels, after the session, and could also be able to keep on recording, if coordinated with the SAP Online Track team. That way, all is preserved for the future.

This method demands close coordination with the SAP Online Track team, but we encourage all that are able to use it, as it has fewer points of failure.

In closing

While all three options have their pros and cons, the most important actions for all presenters, besides selecting a option, is testing beforehand to make sure everything flies. The SAP Online Track team can help with this upon request, if presenters would like to do an end-to-end test.

Please use the comments to voice your opinions, or even better, by joining us for a discussion on the SAP Online Track Discord Server.

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